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Know How Olders Drivers Can Drive Safe On Road

It has been discussed many times before that in UK Driver, and Vehicle Licensing Agency keeps strict eyes on the drivers’ age and the ability to drive before issuing a new license or renewing the older. Though, it is seen many times that most of the elderly people are negligent about the health issues like diabetes, heart conditions or any other age-related disabilities they need to mention to licensing authority. But it is no doubt important to do so. It is not so that aging makes the total loss of driving ability of an individual, but it limits to some extent. On the other hand, it does not mean one needs to stop driving with aging. But a few wise alterations can make it easier to drive safe on the road. Modifying the car, altering the way of driving, understanding and improving health issues may help in safe driving even at an old age.

Take Care Of Health


If anyone is very much attached with driving and can’t think to drive a car their own, should be extra careful about health. Regular check-ups are vital for those to keep themselves in the best probable way to drive safe.

  • Firstly, eyesight is most important to drive properly. So, an older driver must go for eye check-up every year. If needed, they must wear latest corrective lenses. One must keep mirrors, windshield, and headlights, clear to get a crystal clear view.
  • Secondly, it is hearing. An annual hearing check-up is also very important. If a doctor prescribes hearing aids, then the driver must follow the same and wear it while driving for sure. As dirt can reduce the effectiveness of the hearing aids, be careful while opening window glass.
  • Thirdly, good sleep is also very important. It is a common problem among elderly people to suffer from insomnia. So, one must consult a doctor in such case. If one suffers from sleeplessness, then they lack energy, stamina and also attentiveness during driving, which may cause fatal road accident anytime.

Know The Restrictions

When a person is an older driver, he/she first need to admit it. Aging and consequences of aging – both are unavoidable. So, one need to accept the limitations they face due to aging. If any particular driving situation makes the driver feel uncomfortable, they must not try it. For that reason, many older drivers by preference make changes in their driving styles. It is often seen that older drivers having eyesight problem prefer driving during the daylight. Some of them also pick street routes instead of highways, bypasses to avoid heavy vehicles, traffic. It is also common for older people to avoid driving in bad weather condition as well. 

Find The Right Car

For older drivers, it is often suggested to choose such a vehicle which has extra control and easy maintenance. A car with automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes is a good pick for older drivers for safe driving. Regular maintenance, mainly of the windows, rear glasses, headlights are very important. Only a careful driving can make a road trip safer.

Know Why Older Drivers Are Prone To Face Dangers

In the UK driving licensing is a little bit tricky for the older people. Many times it is seen that most of the elderly people are unaware that they need to mention health issues like diabetes, heart conditions or any age-related physical disabilities. But in the UK it is important to reveal all the health problems during the renewal of Driving License.

Place of Emotion


For a number of elderly people driving includes an emotion. In the UK it is often that people drive their own car from a very young age. In that case, they feel it as an inseparable part of their life. For many older drivers, their driving license is their key to living the retired life. They may enjoy driving and visit friends to spend leisure with them.

Know If You Are Still Fit enough To Drive

In few latest research, it is been seen that more or less 3 drivers in 10 over 65 years old have several severe medical issues including eyesight problems, diabetes, heart conditions or epilepsy, etc. Older drivers, who have such an arresting and ebbing medical situation or syndrome, must reveal it to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

It is not only the older drivers, but there is one in every four motorists in the UK has “notifiable condition” according to the UK driving rules. But side by side one among every ten has failed to disclose it to DVLA, as per records.

But one must know that informing the authority about the health troubles does not mean to be refused to drive lawfully on UK roads. Rather, drivers need to inform about their medical issues to the insurer and DVLA to stay within the law and drive legally and safely.

Know How Aging Affects Driving

Every older driver should keep updating their medical conditions time to time. Aging and its effects are inevitable, and people need to accept it for their and others’ well-being. According to one’s individual health conditions, one should know when to stop driving. There are several issues men face with aging which may cause severe and fatal situations on the road.

Aging, in general, results in loss of strength, coordination, suppleness, which can cause major obstruction to the ability to drive and control a car safely. For example-

  • Among older people neck pain and shoulder stiffness is common which may make it harder to move neck right and left to keep eyes on traffic or pedestrians.
  • Knee joint, as well as elbow joints pain, may make it difficult to move foot from gas pedal to the brake pedal and turn steering wheel fast and forcibly
  • With reduced arm strength long drive may become difficult
  • With aging reflects get lower which often cause problems in understanding the distance with other vehicles and thus it creates a problem in deciding and controlling speed, acceleration.


People often think they are used to driving very well, but they must understand that aging restricts a man’s physical and also mental abilities. And it causes an older driver to become prone to accident.

Surrendering Driving License? Know All About It

Everyone knows about this particular fact that the driving licence is one of the most important documents that a person can actually on at any point in their life. They are many purposes of the driving licence which can actually help operation in many possible ways.

The driving licence is just not only a mere permit of driving, but it is always more than that.


The Various Purposes Of The Driving Licence:

The driving licences many purposes. The following are the most important purposes of the driving licence at one can come across. The driving licence can serve as an identity card. It can also very well serve a person when it comes to the very road laws.

But then there are 3 times when the driving licence is no more needed any person needs to surrender it for some purpose or the other.

What Are The Times?

The following are the few very important times, but the person may have to surrender the driving licence, unfortunately:

  • When They Fall Ill: This may just not be a general illness, but then it is at times more than that. Sometimes a person can unfortunately for terminally ill, and they may have a condition where they are not supposed to drive at all. These are the times when the person may need to submit or surrender their driving licence back to DVLA. If we are not using the driving licence then definitely no one else is supposed to use it under their name. Call DVLA phone number to clear your doubts regarding this.
  • When They May Not Be Able To Afford A Car: Unfortunately for people times for them and never the same. At some point in the time, a person may definitely feel broken and may not be able to afford the car that they had anymore. This is again one particular time the day may decide to surrender the driving licence for the better.

Important Steps To Follow:

Surrendering the driving licence is extremely easy for person follows the particular steps that are going to be mentioned now. The following are the most important steps following which a person can definitely surrender their driving licence with ease:

We can easily visit a DVLA office and get all the necessary things done for themselves. Are they can even visit the website and get the necessity done.

Firstly there are two types of surrendering of driving licence that they can go through. They can either surrender the driving licence that was approved for the car on motorcycle oh they can go ahead and send the driving licence that was approved for their buses, coaches or lorries, etc. All they need to do is download the declaration that states that they are going to surrender the driving licence and the reason for the same and send to the DVLA office.

They should remember though that if they do have to get the driving licence back for themselves then definitely did you have to re-apply for a new driving licence.

All these can actually help the people in the very same.